At Springwood Heath we love finding out about our planet, the world around us and our local environments.


Early Years

Houses and Homes.


Where I live.


Year 1

Our local area-where is our school? Where do I live and what is in my local area.

Our country– Name the 4 countries that make the UK. Where have I visited in our country?

Wonderful Weather – What is the weather like in the UK? Hot and sunny climates versus cold and chilly climates.


Year 2

A Wonderful World – amazing destinations with fabulous animals and wonders of the world.

China – Who lives there? What do Chinese people like to do in their leisure? What is the climate? What do they eat?

At the Beach– Beaches around the UK. What do we do at the beach, sun safety, and holiday destinations around the world.


Year 3

The UK – Name the countries that make up the UK. Name the counties in the UK. Look at places to visit of interest.

Rainforests– Where in the world are the rainforests? What kinds of animals live there? What is the climate? Are rainforests at risk?

Extreme Earth – Volcanoes, Earth Quakes, Tsunamis


Year 4

All Around the World. – Continents, climate, countries and their landmarks.

Somewhere to Settle.

Water– Oceans and Seas of the world. The water cycle.


Year 5

Marvellous Maps – Mapping skills

Exploring Eastern Europe-Look at Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

Marvellous Mountains. Mount Everest, Ben Nevis, the Alps, Famous Mountaineers.


Year 6

The Amazing Americas – North and South

Our Changing World – Pollution, Global Warming, Environmental issues affecting our planet.

Raging Rivers – Major rivers around the world including The Thames, he Nile, The Amazon.


Fun Geography websites.
Free and Fun section of the OS site for children.
Supports KS1 QCA Geography Unit 5: Where in the world is Barnaby Bear?
KS2 QCA Geography Units 14 and 23: Investigating rivers and coasts.
Explores and compares life in Belfast and Mexico City.
Covers KS2 QCA Geography Unit 7: Weather around the world.




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