The CAAT Team offers a range of assessment services to support communication and learning through the use of Assistive Technology and Augmentative and Alternative communication systems for learners with communication and/or physical disabilities. There must be a commitment that the child and young person’s school and parents or carers will work in partnership with the CAAT Team


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‘The service is jointly commissioned through the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Liverpool Children’s Services to meet the assessment needs of children and young people who need AAC (Augmentative, Alternative Communication) but do not meet the eligibility criteria for specialised regional AAC Services (also known as a ‘hub’)’

Access to the local team is necessary before a referral is made to the regional service.

The North West regional centre for AAC is the ACE Centre North, Oldham.

ACE Centre North

NHS England Guidance on Commissioning AAC

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