Each year the School Photographer will be invited to take both individual and class photographs.

For individual photographs all children will have their Picture taken, parents can also opt to have siblings taken in groups. Parents will receive a proof from the Photographer from which they can order a pack directly from the Photographic Company.

Class photographs are dealt with in a similar way.  Parents will receive a proof of the class picture and can order a pack directly from the Photographic Company

Request for your child not to have their photograph taken:

We understand that there are some parents who do not wish for their child to have photographs taken in school.  If you do not want your child to have photographs/videos taken then THIS MUST BE PUT IN WRITING ADDRESSED TO THE HEADTEACHER.

If you make this request please be aware that this will be for all areas of photography within the school; including in use on the School’s Web Site, Twitter Account, Videos of school productions, pictures around the school, and photographs of special events.

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