From time to time children are taken out of school for special visits or as part of their curriculum, for example to the local shops, parks, museum visits, swimming events, music events etc., You will receive a letter at the beginning of the school year which we ask you to sign to give permission for your child to be taken out of school.  Unless we are taking your child on a trip outside Liverpool or which requires payment, we would not ask for permission again for each trip.

Charging Policy

Most activities that take place during the school day are free of charge. However, from time to time, we ask parents to make a contribution to the cost of some visits e.g. summer trip or theatre production.

Your child will not be excluded from these activities if you do not make such a contribution.  However, the activity may have to be cancelled if sufficient funds cannot be raised.

There will be a charge, if the visit involves an overnight stay.

Usually Year 6 children go on a residential visit.  In the past they have gone to Llangollen, Colomendy, Barnstondale, Yorkshire and Shropshire. These residential visits are outward bound adventure based; which may include activities such as canoeing, climbing, go-carting, zip wire etc.,

Residential trips can be expensive, however the school always try to keep fees to a minimum; the classes often undertake some fundraising events to help with the costs.

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