At Springwood Heath, we take pride in our inclusive nature and ability to celebrate the different needs of the children in our care.

As part of the PE curriculum, we aim to encourage all children to try new sports and activities and we encourage a love of learning by creating fun, inclusive and engaging lessons for all.

Throughout the year all children will participate in athletics, dance, gymnastics and team games. Year 3 and 4 also work closely with LFC in the community on fundamental skills, agility and fitness training.

We are fortunate to have an on-site swimming pool. The pool is equipped with hoists and dippers to allow KS2 children to swim weekly – it is also used by our on-site physiotherapist team for hydrotherapy sessions.

Alongside our regular PE lessons, we have made great contacts with the wider community. We are official PE partners with Liverpool Hope University and lease regularly with them to help their students understand how PE works in an inclusive setting such as ours.

We have also worked closely with Greenbank Academy, LSSP (Liverpool School Sports Partnership), Liverpool in the Community, The Torus Foundation, Everton in the Community, Water babies, and local sports clubs to provide workshops, clubs, competitions and assemblies to inspire our children.

If you would like details of any of these sessions please visit these web sites.

Total Swimming


Available resources for parents and children to use,


Learn to Swim Stages 1-7 Outcomes

Competition/Event Date, Time and Location Result
Year 4 Dodgeball 29th September, 10:00am

Toxteth Firefit

3rd place out of 8
Year 2 Football 6th October, 10:00am

Toxteth Firefit

5th place out of 8
Year 3 Football 13th October, 10:00am

Toxteth Firefit

4th place out of 8
KS2 Multi Skills Festival 15th October, 10:00 am

Venue TBC

KS2 Inclusive Festival 22nd  October, 10:00 am

Venue TBC



We are delighted to start clubs again this year. Below are some of the clubs we already have lined up, however, there will be plenty more as the year continues for all year groups.

Club Day and time Year Group
Basketball TBC 5 and 6
Multi Sports TBC TBC
Hockey TBC 5and 6
Swimming TBC KS2
Wheelchair Football TBC KS1 and KS2
Wheelchair Training 13th and 14th October 9:00am Whole school


‘We helped raise money for Children in Need, 2019 by participating in a national danceathon with other selected schools across the UK.’
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