All of our children from Nursery to Year 6 learn Spanish each week.

We aim to give the children confidence in speaking a foreign language and to have fun while learning. We are also linked to C.E.I.P.Francisco Pino School in Valladolid, Spain through e mails and skype as well as collaborating on joint projects through the year.

We encourage an understanding of the Spanish culture and life, and we help to prepare them for undertaking the more formal course of study that is part of the curriculum once they move to secondary school.

Most learning is based on listening and speaking, with interactive conversations, songs and games.


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Each year scheme of work







Scheme of Work Spanish Nursery 2015-2016

Scheme of Work Spanish Reception 2015-2016

Scheme of Work Spanish Yr 1 2015-2016

Scheme of Work Spanish Yr 2 2015-2016


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