In September 2022 you will receive an Admission to Secondary School 2023
letter with a Unique Identifier Number for your child, to enable you to apply
online at The letters will be distributed through
your child’s primary school.
The letter contains important information on how to apply online or by post.
This leaflet outlines what will happen and gives you guidance on how you
can get more information about schools and advice about applying to schools
The Admission to Secondary School 2022 letter will explain how to complete
your application online. In the online application, there is a preference section
which asks you to express preferences for up to five schools. As a Liverpool
resident, to apply for schools in Liverpool or other Local Authorities you must
complete this application.
There are different types of schools in Liverpool and they have different
admission arrangements. Community schools follow the admission policy
determined by the City Council. Academies, Foundation/ Trust and Voluntary
Aided schools follow the admission policy determined by the governing body.
Some schools require parents to complete a supplementary school application
form (these are available to download at as well
as completing the local authority’s online preference form/paper application.
Where this is the case you must complete both forms. The supplementary
school application form is used by the governors when they are deciding
which children to admit. The local authority’s preference form is used as part
of the coordinated admissions procedure.



The Secondary School Admissions booklet contains important information
about how to apply to schools; what criteria are used to allocate places if a
school gets more applications than it has places available and how places
were allocated in previous years. This is available to view or download at Before expressing a preference for a school it
is important you understand the school’s admission policy and know whether
or not the school was oversubscribed in the previous year. By using this
information you can assess your child’s chances of gaining a place in the
In addition to the Secondary School Admissions Booklet, there are several
other sources that you can use to find out more information about schools.
These include the following:
• Liverpool City Council website at
• Most schools have open days or open evenings which parents can attend.
These dates are available at or you can
contact Liverpool City Council on 0151 233 3006.
• All schools have a prospectus which gives more information about
the school and schools can provide you with a copy of the last Ofsted
Report. Schools can make a small charge for the Ofsted Report to cover
photocopying costs.
• The Parent Partnership Service can provide assistance if your child has
special educational needs.
• The Pupil Admissions Team can answer queries about admissions to
• The Headteacher of your child’s Primary School can provide advice.
• The Department for Education (DfE) has a website which you can use to
access information about schools and admissions.
• If you are thinking of applying to schools in other local authority areas you
should contact the local authority for a copy of their composite prospectus.

For more detailed information please read the attached booklet: Information for Parents September 2017

Transfer from Primary to Secondary School




1st September 2022: Online applications open


31st October 2022: Closing date for applications


November 2022:  The local authority coordinates admission arrangements with schools and neighbouring local authorities to allocate places


1st March 2023: Offer emails and letters sent to parents


April to June 2023: Admission Appeals


5th July 2023: Liverpool Secondary Schools’ Induction Day