After a lot of research and reflection and from talking to parents and children, we have changed our approach to how we set homework at Springwood Heath. It is our belief that homework should be enjoyable and fun whilst still supporting and enhancing the learning that goes on in the classroom. Homework should also be inclusive and accessible to all.


At the start of each half term your child will bring home a green homework book. This will have a bank of ideas with something that should appeal to everyone. The suggested activities will be linked to your child’s year group’s themes for that half term. This book and the ideas in it will enable families to approach homework in a way that suits family life. This may be through visits to places of interest, model building, picture making, talking, story-telling, mathematical challenges. The possibilities are endless.


Your child may bring their green homework book back into school when a piece of work is complete, this may be weekly, fortnightly or half termly. Adults in their class will look at what has been done and give praise and rewards as is usual for work done well and for putting in extra effort and thought to creativity, i.e. thinking ‘outside the box’.


Of course there will be times when more formal homework is necessary, particularly closer to tests and where there is a need observed by the class teacher (for example when groups of children need times table, number bond and comprehension practise). Home reading books will still be sent home.


We are very excited about this new approach and ask for your enthusiasm and support to make it a great success, whilst at the same time relieving some of the pressures at home. Many thanks in anticipation of yours and your child’s engagement with this concept.


Below is the homework set for each class:

The Hub  The Hub Autumn 1  The Hub Autumn 2 The Hub Spring Term 1  The Hub Spring 2
Year 1 1 Autumn Term 1  

1 Autumn 2

 1 Spring 1 Year 1 Spring 2  1 Summer 1 Year 1 Summer 2
Year 2 2 Autumn Term 1 2 Autumn 2 2 Spring 1
Year 3 3 Autumn Term 1 3 Autumn 2   3 Spring 1
Year 4 4 Autumn Term 1  

4 Autumn 2


4 Spring 1


 4 Spring2  4 Summer 1
Year 5 5 Autumn Term 1 5 Autumn Term 2
5 Spring Term 1
 5 Spring 2  5 Summer 1
Year 6  6 Autumn Term 1 6 Autumn Term 2 6 Spring 1
 6 spring 2







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