The Road Safety Team from Liverpool City Council would like to make you all aware of the dangers of Parking on the School Keep Clear (Zig Zag lines) when parents drop off and pick up throughout the day.  Please remember you could be issued a penalty notice, and most importantly it is creating a danger to the children attending school.

Please be a Considerate Parker

There have been recorded incidents of collisions involving children caused by parked cars moving off and reversing, especially if on the pavements, and close to junctions.  Visibility for the pedestrian and motorist is a priority whilst crossing and the children are easily masked by the cars.  It is also a constant source of complaint from residents in the local neighbourhood


School Car Park

The school car park is for the use of Staff & Visitors only and should not be used by parents bringing or collecting their children from school except those parents who have had permission from the Headteacher because of the needs of their children.


Each year we have one day which we call DANEFIELD FREE DAY. Our aim is to keep Danefield Road and the surrounding roads free of all traffic.  We would like to encourage all the children that are able to walk to school.