Intent              Reading for Pleasure

Here at Springwood Heath, we aim to build an immersive reading environment. One which creates develops and nurtures a Reading for Pleasure pedagogy for our children through our C.R.A.S.H (Cool Readers at Springwood Heath) programme. We aim to instil in our pupils, whatever their background, ability or access needs, and a lifelong love of reading. We firmly believe that reading is fundamental to all children’s progress at school and in later life, acknowledging that reading for pleasure greatly benefits children in all areas of their academic, social and emotional development.

We aim to promote high standards of language and literacy by equipping pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written language, and to develop their love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment.


Implementation (Overviews)  
Early Years

It is crucial for children to develop a life-long love of reading. Reading consists of two dimensions: language comprehension and word reading. Language comprehension (necessary for both reading and writing) starts from birth. It only develops when adults talk with children about the world around them and the books (stories and non-fiction) they read with them, and enjoy rhymes, poems and songs together.


Whole School

Our Reading for Pleasure initiative C.R.A.S.H encompasses all of our reading for pleasure provision. We celebrate reading together with several events including: World Book Day, The National Readathon, author visits and local and national reading for pleasure initiatives.






Library Provision  
Our school and class libraries enable our children to immerse themselves in the wider world, discover, travel, lose themselves in fantasy words and learn. We pride ourselves on the wide range of both classic and modern texts we have and the inclusive and representative nature of our books.