We believe that it is important to encourage children to arrive at school at the correct time – this is 8.50 am.  We ask parents to support us in this.

Classroom doors will be closed at 8.55 a.m. If you arrive later, your child should report to the reception desk.

Please note that if you do get up late, you should still send or take your child to school, whatever the time and not keep them at home for the rest of the morning.

If your child is regularly late without any explanation from you, we shall send you a ‘Reason for Lateness’ note to complete and return to school.



Whenever your child is absent you should send a letter of explanation to the school.  On the first day of any absence, you should telephone the school by 8.45 a.m.  If we have not received notification we shall telephone you to ask the reason for the absence.

If we do not receive a note or we are unable to contact you, we shall class the absence as unauthorised, and send a ‘Reason for Absence’ note for you to complete.


Please be aware that the Headteacher can no longer authorise any requests for holidays during term time.  Family emergency, families from abroad returning home or children with particular physical or medical conditions are the only areas in which we now have some flexibility.  In all cases, the requests must be in writing as soon as possible before the trip.  New legislation requires the school to inform the local authority of any family that we believe has kept their child away from school so that they can take a holiday. Therefore it is likely that if this were to happen you could be subject to a fine.
The Council have negotiated a holiday discount scheme to reduce the cost of holidays taken during school holidays. Please click on the link below for more details.