Geography and History are taught in a thematic approach at Springwood Heath.


Geography is taught in themes with some discrete units, within the broad framework of the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage. The principles of ‘Excellence and Enjoyment’ are applied to all activities the children undertake.

We aim to ensure our children display confidence and enjoyment in geography. They will broaden their knowledge of the local area as well as a variety of locations throughout the world. They will develop mapping skills together with an appreciation of the physical, social and economic processes in locations studied


In school the children have opportunities to use a wide range of Geography resources and computer programs. In Year 6 the children have the chance to take part in a residential field trip.


History is taught in themes with some discrete units. At Springwood Heath our aim is to provide an enriched and enjoyable history curriculum that meets the needs of every pupil. This will include developing an awareness of, and interest in the world around us and in our own city of Liverpool, through the study of people and themes and developing historical understanding.


The children will find out about the history of Great Britain and its impact on the wider world. They will investigate famous events and famous historical people from Great Britain and beyond. The children have access to a range of historical artefacts and often explore Historical figures and events in class assemblies.